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Camino Companions

June 8, 2015

camino Companions Flyer 2The new FCJ Project in Santiago de Compostela has begun well. Srs Katherine and Marion are welcoming pilgrims and providing a place of reflection, companionship and sharing on the experience of having walked the camino. There is space to pray, to be quiet and to notice what has been important before returning home to busy lives.

Here are some photos!

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July 7, 2014

My feet are just beginning to walk on solid ground again after a spell of ten days in bed with a bad dose of flu.  How grateful I am to my very loving community who took care of me so kindly and generously in recent days.   How very beautiful community life can be when we do our best to live it!   My little group has lived its companionship to the full these days…Thank you God for my dear companions!


May 13, 2014

Our two novices were away last weekend at a vocations event in a nearby City and I offered to replace them at a regular meeting: Catholic Youth Fellowship.  I could only smile to myself as I took my place in the circle and danced to the tune of “Train of Love”!  Actually, it could be said that the term “Youth” was broadly applied…the youngest little fellow in front of me looked about 2 and the oldest members were in their late teens!  I had a great evening.  The members didn’t seem to mind that I was way past their age – and the leaders were pleased that the FCJs (well one of them) were present to support them.  Later that evening I was interested to hear the story behind the founding of this brave little youth group.  When their teenage children started to complain that they no longer found church interesting a set of parents decided to do something about it and founded CYF and to bring more life and energy into their faith life.  Those parents started the group and ran it and funded it – and they are still the main supports of it.  Several years later the group is still going.  Meetings are held every two weeks.  What makes this story even more amazing to me is that the family concerned lost their entire business in the terrible earthquake of 2006 – yet they picked themselves up restarted a new business and have even found the energy to spend the last few years creating a lively “space” where Catholic youth can meet and pray together.  I really enjoyed my time as an honorary youth – and what’s more – I’ll be back again!


April 7, 2014

I leave for my retreat tomorrow and I am so, so happy to have the great gift of time for silence and prayer.  I can’t wait to enjoy this time with God and with the scriptures.  I will be holding the world and its needs in my heart – and I will be praying for you…In companionship and prayer…


April 2, 2014

Last Sunday we had a recollection day with our Companions in Mission.  We spent some time in small groups sharing on how we are responding to the Pope’s invitation to reach out to those who are “deprived” in any way.  I was so impressed and inspired by the sharing in my group – I was amazed at the love and kindness our companions show to others.  I have a long way to go to get even close to their level of compassion and generosity.  Thank you dear companions for being living examples of the charism of Companionship.


March 2, 2014

The Lenten message for our diocese this year stresses that in addition to fasting and praying we need to stretch out our hands in service of those in need.  This is very similar to the essence of the Lenten Letter recently released by the Vatican on behalf of Pope Francis.  I am especially struck by the Pope’s point that he “distrusts a charity that costs nothing and does not hurt.”  How often in the past have me small attempts at charity been more for my own benefit than for the person or persons I was supposedly helping?  Let us reflect together on one powerful paragraph from Pope Francis’ Lenten Letter:

Dear brothers and sisters, may this Lenten season find the whole Church ready to bear witness to all those who live in material, moral and spiritual destitution the Gospel message of the merciful love of God our Father, who is ready to embrace everyone in Christ.  We can do this to the extent that we imitate Christ who became poor and enriched us by his poverty.  Lent is a fitting time for self-denial; we would do well to ask ourselves what we can give up in order to help and enrich others by our own poverty.  Let us not forget that real poverty hurts: no self-denial is real without this dimension of penance.  I distrust a charity that costs nothing and does not hurt.

Let us pray for one another and support one another this Lent as we seek together to witness to the merciful love of God…


January 5, 2014

The last two days of our Assembly continued in the same vein as the first four – being times of deep sharing, great interaction and producing some creative thinking.  Day Five was entitled “The Call to Inclusion”. On that day we welcomed some of our Companions in Mission and other colleagues from a number of our ministries.  We formed new groups  for both faith sharing and discussion. I was touched at the quality of our faith sharing and as we worked to unpack our Chapter Directions together I was amazed at the number of suggestions that were made!  There is no shortage of ways forward!  That evening we had a vigil Mass for the feast of The Holy Name of Jesus followed by dinner and a great “quiz night”.  Day Six was our “Call to Commitment”.  We moved into “country groups” and began to turn our ideas into workable strategies.  We ended the Assembly by committing ourselves to our Chapter Directions.  We blessed each other and were missioned out – to live what we had promised.


January 1, 2014

We have had a busy few days here in Melbourne.  We moved from the first day: The Gift of the Chapter to successive themes: The Call of the Chapter, The Call to the Province and The Call of Now. The group has been hard at work discussing and sharing on our new Chapter Directions.  Today we were working on some ways to bring our Chapter Directions alive in our Province – and in the process re-energising ourselves! We still have two more days in which to work.  Tomorrow we will welcome some of our Companions in Mission and other colleagues to as we continue to “unpack” the Chapter Directions.  On the third of January we will respond to “The Call to Commit” as we commit ourselves to fully living out the call from our Chapter to “Re-imagine” our life for the sake of the Reign of God.  It has been a great process so far.  One of the special joys of this time has been the way we work and interact so easily together despite our vast age range and our diverse cultures.  What delight to be a group of loving companions.


December 29, 2013

Shortly after Christmas FCJs from around the world will be gathering in their Provinces for post – Christmas Assemblies.  During this time we will be receiving our new Chapter Documents and discussing how we can apply them in ways appropriate to each Province, to each community group and to each individual.  We will not be together but we will be united in heart and prayer.  We will not be “looking inwards” we will be looking out to our world and asking ourselves how we can be more of service to others and more loving towards the whole of creation…We will be praying for the whole of creation, we will be praying for you…


December 26, 2013

Here in Soropadan we had a beautiful day yesterday.  All of the FCJs in Yogyakarta gathered here for prayer and a delicious lunch (well we thought so!).  There were twenty five of us in all, twelve FCJs and thirteen guests. We were too many to sit round the table – so we sat in small groups – which also made it possible to engage in good conversation and to focus on our guests.  I love being able to celebrate Christmas with others, for me it helps to capture the meaning of this beautiful day.  Pope Francis continues to call us all to live more simply, generously, lovingly and he strongly advocates that we share what we have with others, especially with those in need.  Hopefully, we can all continue to live more and more the true spirit of Christmas – which is of course the spirit of the Gospel – and that we live it every day of the year!