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January 6, 2020

Sadly, the weeks marking the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 have been marked by terrible tragedy. The fires in Australia and the floods in Jakarta have wreaked havoc and made tens of thousands of people homeless. It is sobering to think of what it must mean to flee with only a few belongings and we can hardly begin to estimate the long term cost to the environment. I am called to reflect deeply on my lifestyle, on our collective lifestyle. I ask myself “What can I do to live more simply, more gratefully? What can I do to ease the pain of those who are suffering? What can I do to help heal the environment?”

Prayers at Christmastime…

December 28, 2019

I find myself often drawn to sit in chapel and gaze at the crib in these days following Christmas when the pace of life slows a little. I pray for our world in thanksgiving for all that is good and I pray for the many, many needs facing us. I pray for all those I know, I pray for all of you. May peace fill our hearts, may peace fill our world…

Health walk: Celebrating 21 years as a parish.

December 15, 2019

This morning Merici, Meita and I took part in an activity called “Jalan Sehat” which means health walk. This is one of the ways in which we are celebrating twenty one years since our local church became a parish. We walked to church at 5am and attended Mass before the walk began. The car park was transformed by the addition of a large outdoor stage and a number of food stalls. One of the parishioners led us in a lively areobic session which certainly warmed us up before the walk began. Eight hundred and forty people took part in the walk: adults; young people, children and ‘babes in arms’. It was lovely to see that a number of our Muslim neighbours took part as well. Fr Sabto, our parish priest, said a prayer and then the walk began. We took about an hour and fifteen minutes to walk the route set out for us. We arrived back to the church in time for a delicious soup breakfast. There was dancing, singing and games. It was a lovely start to the day which celebrated our existence both as a parish and as an important part of our larger interfaith neighbourhood.

ADVENT WEEK I: Planting seeds of hope and peace

December 1, 2019

I was very much touched by today’s first reading in Mass: Isaiah 2: 1-5. The thought of looking forward to a future full of peace resonnated deeply within me. How much we need peace in so many places in today’s world. How much we need hope to enlighten our way. One of my resolutions this Advent is to try and plant small seeds of hope and peace each day. Imagine the harvest we will one day reap if we work together planting seeds of hope and peace in our daily lives.


November 17, 2019

This evening we went to the home of one of the FCJ sisters who comes from Yogyakarta. We joined a large group of people for a special Mass to mark one hundred days since her mother’s death. We were there because our sister’s mother was a lovely person, her family are part of our ‘extended family’ and also to offer her our support and companionship. The Mass was lovely, the choir sang heartily and the priest spoke beautifully of the hope of eternal life. I was glad to be there and grateful to be part of an encouraging and comforting service.

Let’s circle our world with prayer…

November 12, 2019

For all of us, wherever we are, even the briefest look at the daily news tells us of the great need to pray for our world. From continent to continent, country to country we hear of natural disasters, civil unrest, acts of violence and stories of personal loss and suffering. We can’t solve every problem but there are small actions we can take at the local level to make life a little better for some of those in need. Of course, we all know there is much to give thanks for, there are times when thanksgiving is the most appropriate prayer. Today, however, I feel called to pray, and to invite you to pray, for all those many places and people who are struggling, suffering and even fighting for their lives. Let’s pray, wherever we are, for our world. At this time of great need let’s circle our world with prayer.

Celebration and Farewells at the End of the Chapter

November 5, 2019

#GeneralChapter #IThirst

On the evening of October 30th, the closing day of the 2019 General Chapter, we gathered for a final social—time to relax, to sing and share stories. We also had the opportunity to give special thanks to the various committees who worked hard to ensure the smooth running of the Chapter. Special acknowledgement was given to those sisters from the Sacred Heart Community who facilitated arrivals, departures and welcoming accommodation.

Throughout the next day, Sisters began their journeys home (some leaving at 4.00am), to take up their ministries again in more than ten countries.

We rejoiced that we were on mission in the third century of our Society Faithful Companions of Jesus and looking to the future as Women on Mission with Christ in the world.

A Companion for Our Journey

November 1, 2019

#GeneralChapter #IThirst

During our time in Calgary at the FCJ General Chapter 2019 we had the joy of welcoming Fr Peter Bisson SJ  He led us in the 6-day pre-Chapter retreat. Fr. Peter’s talks during our retreat helped us to move from a stance of “I” to “WE” so that we could enter more easily into communal discernment.  Fr. Peter celebrated Eucharist for us each day and his reflections at the homily were entertaining, insightful, helpful and hopeful. He was generously available to anyone who asked.  We enjoyed his company at meals, and he entered into our times of joy and celebration. We are grateful for Peter’s sensitive and respectful presence among us.

Fr Peter Bisson SJ


October 26, 2019

#GeneralChapter #IThirst

We rejoice at the election of Sr Bonnie Moser fcJ as the next General Superior of our Society and of Sisters Patricia Binchy, Ruth Casey and Judith Routier as members of the general council. Sr. Bonnie (General Superior Elect) and the three general assistants will take up office in a few months, on a date still to be decided.

From left: Srs Ruth Casey, Bonnie Moser, Patricia Binchy, Judith Routier


October 21, 2019

#GeneralChapter #Ithirst

We are entering into a special phase of our work together as a Chapter, here at the FCJ Christian LIfe Centre in Calgary.

In the coming days we will be discerning together to elect the General Superior and her Assistants.

We are doing this in a spirit of prayer and reflection, as we try to listen deeply to what God is saying to us at this time.

Please pray for us and with us….