Our two novices were away last weekend at a vocations event in a nearby City and I offered to replace them at a regular meeting: Catholic Youth Fellowship.  I could only smile to myself as I took my place in the circle and danced to the tune of “Train of Love”!  Actually, it could be said that the term “Youth” was broadly applied…the youngest little fellow in front of me looked about 2 and the oldest members were in their late teens!  I had a great evening.  The members didn’t seem to mind that I was way past their age – and the leaders were pleased that the FCJs (well one of them) were present to support them.  Later that evening I was interested to hear the story behind the founding of this brave little youth group.  When their teenage children started to complain that they no longer found church interesting a set of parents decided to do something about it and founded CYF and to bring more life and energy into their faith life.  Those parents started the group and ran it and funded it – and they are still the main supports of it.  Several years later the group is still going.  Meetings are held every two weeks.  What makes this story even more amazing to me is that the family concerned lost their entire business in the terrible earthquake of 2006 – yet they picked themselves up restarted a new business and have even found the energy to spend the last few years creating a lively “space” where Catholic youth can meet and pray together.  I really enjoyed my time as an honorary youth – and what’s more – I’ll be back again!

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  1. Says:

    Clare, as you know we are never too young. I like to think that we are all ‘young at heart.’ Thanking you or your blog. Joan fcJ

  2. clarefcj Says:

    That’s true Joan! Thankfully, we’re all young at heart!

  3. Margaret Claver Says:

    Great Story. Thanks Clare.
    Hope you stay forever young at heart.
    In companionship

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