We have had a busy few days here in Melbourne.  We moved from the first day: The Gift of the Chapter to successive themes: The Call of the Chapter, The Call to the Province and The Call of Now. The group has been hard at work discussing and sharing on our new Chapter Directions.  Today we were working on some ways to bring our Chapter Directions alive in our Province – and in the process re-energising ourselves! We still have two more days in which to work.  Tomorrow we will welcome some of our Companions in Mission and other colleagues to as we continue to “unpack” the Chapter Directions.  On the third of January we will respond to “The Call to Commit” as we commit ourselves to fully living out the call from our Chapter to “Re-imagine” our life for the sake of the Reign of God.  It has been a great process so far.  One of the special joys of this time has been the way we work and interact so easily together despite our vast age range and our diverse cultures.  What delight to be a group of loving companions.

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  1. Ann Marie Walsh FCJ Says:

    Wonderful sharing, Clare. It sounds as if your Assembly, like our own, has been Spirit blessed, thanks be to God! Happy New Year! Love & Blessings, Ann Marie, fcJ

  2. Margaret Claver Says:

    THANKS CLARE for your concise summary. I agree that ” one of the special joys of this time has been the way we (worked and interacted)… together despite our vast age range and our diverse cultures. What delight to be a group of loving companions.” May we all be able to continue this in our local areas”. MC fcJ

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