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May 17, 2015

commOn the last two Sundays I attended two very different celebrations of the Eucharist.  The first was in a Trappist Monastery and the liturgy was rich and solemn.  The Eucharist was truly beautiful and the welcome and hospitality of the sisters made the day absolutely perfect!  Today I was at the monthly Mass for children and young people with special educational needs.  The liturgy was less formal and from time to time a child would surprise us and go a for a walk around the chapel.  The tea and snacks after the service were a lively affair!  God was tangibly present in both places.  Thinking about today “Communications Sunday” I give thanks for the many amazing ways that God speaks to us.


September 8, 2014

I recently celebrated my 25th anniversary as an FCJ.  As the day drew close I found myself getting excited and it felt as if there was a secret joy in my heart that bubbled up and out now and then.  In my community we had a prayer service on the actual day – 26th August and on Saturday6th September I had a celebration Mass with our two FCJ communities in Yogyakarta plus four young women who know us well.  I was surprised to find my eyes fillling with tears on several occasions – at the sheer joy and beauty of God’s love.   It was so good to celebrate with the group here – we have lived so much FCJ life together.  I was asked what gift I wanted…What gift do I want??? I should be asking the FCJ Society and God  “What gift do YOU want from me?”  To be an FCJ – what a gift and a blessing.  Thank you God.  Thank you to all FCJs.  Thank you to my family and friends and to all who have ever touched my life in any way.




July 7, 2014

My feet are just beginning to walk on solid ground again after a spell of ten days in bed with a bad dose of flu.  How grateful I am to my very loving community who took care of me so kindly and generously in recent days.   How very beautiful community life can be when we do our best to live it!   My little group has lived its companionship to the full these days…Thank you God for my dear companions!


April 2, 2014

Last Sunday we had a recollection day with our Companions in Mission.  We spent some time in small groups sharing on how we are responding to the Pope’s invitation to reach out to those who are “deprived” in any way.  I was so impressed and inspired by the sharing in my group – I was amazed at the love and kindness our companions show to others.  I have a long way to go to get even close to their level of compassion and generosity.  Thank you dear companions for being living examples of the charism of Companionship.


December 26, 2013

Here in Soropadan we had a beautiful day yesterday.  All of the FCJs in Yogyakarta gathered here for prayer and a delicious lunch (well we thought so!).  There were twenty five of us in all, twelve FCJs and thirteen guests. We were too many to sit round the table – so we sat in small groups – which also made it possible to engage in good conversation and to focus on our guests.  I love being able to celebrate Christmas with others, for me it helps to capture the meaning of this beautiful day.  Pope Francis continues to call us all to live more simply, generously, lovingly and he strongly advocates that we share what we have with others, especially with those in need.  Hopefully, we can all continue to live more and more the true spirit of Christmas – which is of course the spirit of the Gospel – and that we live it every day of the year!


December 6, 2013



I, like Lynne, (see the previous two posts),  have been deeply touched by the scripture readings from last Sunday.  To me the readings expressed both a longing for peace and a call “to” peace.  I have thought a lot this week about what it means to live peacefully in this world of ours which is torn by violence in so many places.  I challenge myself to live peacefully…It is not enough for me to pray and fast for peace if my own life is marked by a lack of gentleness.  I am trying to step back from making quick judgements, from sharp words, from a slowness to ask for or to give forgiveness. At the very least I am trying not to add to the level of anger, aggression and bitterness in our world.  If we all do the same hopefully together we can make a difference…


September 27, 2013

I recently arrived in England having travelled from Indonesia via the Middle East and I have experienced nothing but kindness because of my broken right wrist – clearly visible because of the plaster on my arm.  Every single day I have met people who have gone out of their way to be helpful.  I always believed that people are essentially good and kind but now I can say from real personal experience that this is true.  I feel truly blessed by other people’s generosity and “bigheartedness”.  To those many “angels” en route – thank you and you are in my prayer…


August 28, 2013

Two weeks ago I had the misfortune to fall and break my right wrist.  Even though I wouldn’t recommend it I have been blessed in many ways since my little tumble.  I am learning to be more flexible in the way I do things and I am now at a stage when I am getting quite proficient with my left hand.  More importantly I have been helped in so many ways by so many people -some of whom were complete strangers to me.  I have been deeply touched both by the kindness of my community and also by the  thoughtfulness of  many people who have helped me over the last two weeks.  On reflection my broken wrist has turned out to be less of a misfortune and more of a blessing!


July 28, 2013

I like this piece of news on the Pope’s visit to Rio.  I love the way he encourages us to go out and live the Gospel…

“On Friday Pope Francis added an extra visit to the official programme; he went to Rio Cathedral to greet an exuberant crowd of young Argentinians.  Speaking colloquially, he said: “I want the Church to go out into the streets, I want us to defend ourselves against all worldliness, opposition to progress, from that which is comfortable, from that which is clericalism, from all that which means being closed up in ourselves. Parishes, schools, institutions are made in order to come out … if they do not do this, they become a non-governmental organisation, and the Church must not be an NGO”. (Independent Catholic News)

Let’s go…!!!





July 7, 2013

At 5am this morning I walked around our house enjoying the cool air and the silence that pervaded everything.  The main room of our house looked lovely – like a chapel – all set up for the vows.  Gradually other FCJs appeared and continued their part of the final preparations.  At this stage no further instructions are needed – we work as one body with one heart and one mind – helping each other in a true experience of companionship.  Tyas meanwhile – is radiant – she’s ready…This is a happy day for all  – for FCJs, for Tyas’ family and friends, for our Church and World…You all are included in our prayers of intercession…Thank you for your prayers…