The Daily ‘Yes’


On January 3rd, Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, our FCJ Society around the world celebrated the ‘Yes’ that Sisca made to Jesus as she professed her final vows in the Society.   As a sister in Temporary Profession  I am coming to an ever deeper understanding of the importance of that daily ‘Yes’ which we make, not just on the day of our vows, as wonderful as that is, but everyday.

At this time in and around my community there is a lot of change.  One Provincial Leader has just finished her term of office,and our new Provincial Leader has just moved here to begin hers.  Our former Local Leader will be beginning a new mission soon in Calgary and we will welcome another.  As I live amid this change I stand in awe at the ‘Yes’ that each of these women have made, on the day of their vows and each and every day since, for some that is over fifty years.  But what astounds me is that they are free enough, and so rooted in God to say ‘Yes’ again, for service in our Society,  wherever that may lead them.  They are true examples of missionary women and for that I thank them.  I thank God for their faith, their generosity, their courage and confidence, and their inner freedom, which has enabled each of them to say ‘Yes’.   I pray that in this time of change they will know ever more deeply the companionship of Jesus, the ultimate faithful companion.

3 Responses to “The Daily ‘Yes’”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    I like your idea of “The daily yes…” It’s something we all have to say don’t we? I certainly do say my daily “yes” at the end of my personal prayer each morning…

  2. Rachel fcJ Says:

    Yes, life is never dull that’s for sure. There you are in a totally new context in Canada this year, and here am I back in the UK after 23 years in Asia. Perhaps it keeps us young at heart, as we often have the challenge of starting over again, finding our way in a new place, a new situation. It’s a fertile soil for faith and trust to grow deeper,and I always hope that the more we trust God to guide us, the more we allow and even empower God to do just that. When I was wondering about becoming a sister, I remember a priest advising me to pray every night to Our Lady for guidance and grace to find my right path in life. It was such a simple thing but I did it faithfully and I am sure it helped to bring me to readiness to say yes. Like you say, it’s inspiring to look at our companions and see how good God is, continuing to sustain in us the desire and the power to say yes. It makes all the difference to see life in that way – not just about me being creative, but responding in a relationship and context where God is meeting me, and active.

  3. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    I really appreciate what you wrote, Anouska, especially about how all the daily “yeses” form us in freedom to go where we are needed. Each time we say “yes”, we grow into a “new, improved” version of ourselves. Sometimes the “yes” is to NOT going anywhere, but staying in one place and serving God there… Whether we go or we stay, we belong to the Lord, who invites us into a companionship that makes it all worthwhile!

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