The Church’s Need for Saints


The foundress of the FCJ Sisters, Marie Madeleine was declared Venerable in 1971, and we continue to pray through her intercession, in the hope that one day she will be declared a saint.  Why is this important?

In my Ecclesiology class today, I was struck by a quote from my Professor, John Dadosky when he said:

“More so than any other person by virtue of their office/role in the Church, it is the saints who change the Church.  It’s amazing to consider how much change one saint can affect.”

When I heard this, I thought ‘and isn’t that true,  Marie Madeleine did change the Church, not only in her foundation of a new religious order, but by the very fact that she lived as God’s faithful instrument and said ‘yes’ to God’.  Let us thank God for her, and continue to pray through her intercession for all those people who have been commended to our prayer.

3 Responses to “The Church’s Need for Saints”

  1. clarefcj Says:

    Good idea Anouska! May Marie Madeleine continue to pray with us and for us! Perhaps we can all try and be a bit more saintly too!

  2. Rachel fcJ Says:

    Yes, I do hope she will be confirmed as a saint one day, so that the story of her life and the spiritual experiences she narrates in her memoirs can be more widely shared. I think her life would make a great film as there is so much real drama in her memoirs – the arrest of her father in the French revolution, her marriage and tragic death of her husband so soon, her struggles in Rome getting past all the bureaucracy and politics, succeeding against all the odds in getting a personal interview with Pope Leo 12th and Pope Gregory 16th, the Bishop of Amiens weeping for joy when he read the beautiful affirmation of her work personally written by Pope Leo. It’s such a great story, and she gives so much actual dialogue.

  3. Madeleine, fcJ Says:

    I recently visited a friend who was educated by the sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. She told me that at the end of every school day, all the children recited, “May Blessed Mother Julie Billiart be named a saint very soon!” Maybe we should take a page from their playbook and adopt that invocation for Marie Madeleine!

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