Sadly one of our neighbours died suddenly a few days ago.  The death was all the more shocking because the man involved was only 48 and seemed in the best of health.  He died of an illness that is easily curable – but it wasn’t detected until after his death…How deeply deeply distressing…

We went to be with the family and to wait for the funeral and burial.  I had tears in my eyes as I watched the burial procession walk solemnly to the cemetery to the accompaniment of Islamic prayers.  I was glad to be there to support the family even though I wished I could do more to ease their pain.   

One Response to “A DEATH IN THE VILLAGE…”

  1. rduffyfcj Says:

    One of the things I like to remember about Yogyakarta, Indonesia, was the good relationships among people of different religions, the desire to support each other, as you say, Clare. It seems good in Liverpool too, such a friendly city. Two young men visiting from Lithuania whom I met last night at the university chaplaincy said they find people here kind and cheerful. The headteacher at our local catholic primary school which is 60% catholic since the addition of immigrants from Poland and Czechoslovakia, told me they have quite a lot of devout Muslim families who choose a catholic school for their children because of our shared values. I saw a display in the cathedral about the catholic schools of the archdiocese which also expressed appreciation for the contribution of Muslim students, saying how delighted we are to have them. Heart-warming spirit!

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