Health walk: Celebrating 21 years as a parish.


This morning Merici, Meita and I took part in an activity called “Jalan Sehat” which means health walk. This is one of the ways in which we are celebrating twenty one years since our local church became a parish. We walked to church at 5am and attended Mass before the walk began. The car park was transformed by the addition of a large outdoor stage and a number of food stalls. One of the parishioners led us in a lively areobic session which certainly warmed us up before the walk began. Eight hundred and forty people took part in the walk: adults; young people, children and ‘babes in arms’. It was lovely to see that a number of our Muslim neighbours took part as well. Fr Sabto, our parish priest, said a prayer and then the walk began. We took about an hour and fifteen minutes to walk the route set out for us. We arrived back to the church in time for a delicious soup breakfast. There was dancing, singing and games. It was a lovely start to the day which celebrated our existence both as a parish and as an important part of our larger interfaith neighbourhood.

2 Responses to “Health walk: Celebrating 21 years as a parish.”

  1. Beatrice Molyneux Says:

    Dear Clare Merici and Meita, Congratulations on your walk and parish celebration. So glad you could share this event with your neighbours. Sr. Brid was here and spoke of her visit with you. I was delighted to hear your news and her experience. Happy Advent and much love.Beatrice fcJ XXX

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  2. Anne Morrison Says:

    Thanks, Clare adn congratulations to you Meita and Mercici. Blessings to all for Advent. Love, Anne fcj

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