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A Great Read!

April 27, 2015
Jesus – A Pilgrimage by James Martin, SJ
I am reading an absolutely brilliant book on Jesus these days and I couldn’t resist letting you know about it!  For all of us who love Jesus and are interested in knowing more about him I recommend this lovely read! It is good that the word ‘Pilgrimage’ is included in the title – as that is what it really is for me – a pilgrimage into Jesus through the reflections and words of James Martin.  Enough said by me – read James Martin’s own words: “…I would like to invite you to meet the Jesus you already may know, but in a new way.  Or, if you don’t know much about Jesus, I would like to introduce him to you.  Overall, I would like to introduce you to the Jesus I know, and love, the person at the center of my life.”

Walking the Camino – Preparing for pilgrimage

May 22, 2014

There will be quite an FCJ presence in Santiago again this year with a number of sisters walking the Camino or volunteering in the chaplaincy to welcome pilgrims. There will also be a young adult group from the UK walking the Camino Ingles from Ferrol to Santiago with two FCJ’s.

As we begin to prepare you may like to journey alongside us in these pilgrim steps…



As I prepare for this pilgrimage I consider my motivation. For what purpose am I walking? What is the goal that I seek? What may I be asking of God at this point in my life? What may I be offering to God?


If you would like to walk with us from the 6-13 August then email for more information and to register your interest.




May 14, 2013

From Thursday May 9th to Monday May 13th Tyas and I made a pilgrimage to a number of places where there are shrines of Mary.  This pilgrimage is our thanksgiving for Tyas’ novitiate which comes to an end in early July.  We were able to get to several of the most famous shrines in this area – in fact we made “a novena of visits” – nine shrines in all.  It was lovely to spend time in praying in those sacred places made holy by love, prayer and devotion to Our Lady.  Thank you Lord – for Tyas – our soon to be professed FCJ.  Thank you Mary for being our guide and inspiration.   “Our Good Mother, beg of your Divine Son to give us His blessing and please give us yours also…”

Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne

November 2, 2010

We had a great FCJ Young Adult Network pilgrimage to Lindisfarne – I loved every bit and the group were great. God kept the rain away and the sun shining, and on the day we walked across the Pilgrim Causeway the night sky was incredible…

There are some photos below for you to enjoy!

A Holy Island

October 5, 2010

In the next couple of weeks I will be leading a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne, a Holy Island just off the North East of England. At low tide the island is accessible by foot across a pilgrim causeway which the monks used when St Cuthbert lived on the Island and travelled through the North East bringing the Christian message to that part of the country.

One thing I love about visiting Lindisfarne is that arriving on the island there are usually lots of visitors – people who take advantage of the low tide and visit the picturesque island. Then a few hours later the place stills as all the visitors leave before the tide returns, cutting the island off once again from the main land. So few visitors remain on the island at high tide that the shops and cafe’s close, leaving a sense of quiet, stillness and peace.

There is a hymn from Lindisfarne that compares the rhythm of  ebb and full tides  to the busy and quiet times of life … how we need the active, outward looking times as well as the quiet and reflective moments.

If you are a young adult living in the UK and would like more information about the Lindisfarne pilgrimage, please contact us.

A New Pilgrimage

July 23, 2010

A New Pilgrimage

It’s a beautiful summer’s evening and I’ve just arrived back at Gumley to find a little group of FCJs who have just taken part in what I’m calling a New Pilgrimage.  Their aim was to follow the route that Marie Madeleine had followed that first time when she travelled from Somers Town to Isleworth to open a new boarding school ‘in the countryside’ outside London.  It was to be a place where young women would be educated, a place where perhaps some of them would hear and answer Jesus’ call to follow him and work for the spread of the gospel.  It would be a place too, where sisters from the central London school in Somers Town would escape from time to time, from the pollution and pressures of town life.  I’m calling this a New Pilgrimage simply because none of us had thought of making it a pilgrimage journey – until now!

Marie Madeleine, when she first came to Gumley in 1840 would have travelled those ten miles in a horse- drawn vehicle.  She would have passed by green fields and market gardens, and wide open spaces. When she bought the house in 1840, she described the garden enthusiastically in one of her letters – the shrubs, the flowers the birds and hens! “How I wish you were here even for a day!” she says.  I wonder what she thinks of it now – the built up areas with busy roads and overheated motorways, and planes flying low every two minutes, as they approach London Heathrow Airport.  But we still enjoy the beautiful gardens which are now the campus for the school she founded – a school which offers a Catholic education to over a thousand students.  Marie Madeleine would have been too humble to take pride in the work she began and which has continued so successfully until now, but I’m sure that she would be happy in the knowledge that Catholic education still flourishes in her beautiful gardens.

Our little group of 21st century FCJ pilgrims arrived at Gumley, after walking the final stretch of the pilgrimage along the river Thames.  They had planned the journey with times for prayer along the way and community members were delighted to welcome them and to join with them for their final pilgrimage prayer.

Naturally, they were hungry after all that prayer and beauty and walking, so we had the joy of sharing  some food with them as well as a little wine, before they left us again for their work in the city centre!