God intervenes in our life?


This morning at community prayer I was really struck by the two readings from today’s liturgy; the story of Hannah and the healing of the man with an unclean spirit from Mark 1. In both of them God intervenes in their life in a really practical, physical, tangible way. We maybe don’t always expect God to get so hands on in our own life – I know I can fall into praying that God will change minds and hearts but do I really trust in the possibility of miracle?

There are many people, places and situations in need of a miracle today – perhaps the invitation is to pray with confident hope.

One Response to “God intervenes in our life?”

  1. Carmel Hanley Says:

    Your reflection on Jan 14 struck a chord with me Lynne. It came back to me during the reading of Friday’s gospel, where we get a little insight into Jesus’ thoughts on the topic! Thank you!

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