Welcoming new teachers


Last weekend I was involved, alongside a group of FCJ Sisters, in a Staff Induction Training for new staff across our schools in England and Jersey. About 30 new staff attended the two day conference from across the five schools.

It was such a wonderful meeting – staff new to FCJ Ethos and yet so clearly open to learn, to reflect, to share their experiences and to listen to the experience of others as we worked together to look at different ways in which each member of our school communities influences the school ethos.

Our FCJ School values are expressed in England as Companionship, Dignity, Excellence, Justice, Gentleness and Hope. It was so refreshing to hear how our new staff had experienced these values already within our school communities, and their insights into how these values can be witnessed to even in the most challenging of situations.

One member of staff said “there is something so different here, this is about something much deeper and personal.” Another said “I feel so happy, God feels really present.”

I felt it was a real privilege to be a part of this, to share something of Marie Madeleine’s vision with them and to look together at how that might be lived now.

One Response to “Welcoming new teachers”

  1. Sr. Ann Marie Says:

    Thank you, Lynne and all involved. What an important thing to do and so vital for the FCJ Charism to continue in the schools. God bless your ministry!

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