In the last couple of weeks we have heard such sad news of sudden deaths. Five people were killed in a helicopter crash at Leicester City Football Club, including the owner of the Club. Eleven people at prayer were cruelly gunned down in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, USA. More than one hundred and eighty people died when a brand new plane was lost in Indonesia shortly after take off. Finally, just the other day we heard that a friend of one of our communities had drowned in a flash flood. All I can do is hold those who have died and their loved ones in my prayer. Time and time again we are reminded of how quickly life can pass. I ask myself what is important in life? For sure, one of the things is to take time to be with others, to give to others, as far as possible to leave nothing unfinished in a relationship. Life is most surely a passing, fragile gift – and so are those we love. Let’s appreciate life and each other.

One Response to “THE FRAGILITY OF LIFE…”

  1. Ann Marie Says:

    Thanks, Clare, a beautiful reminder of the great gift of life!

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