Last Saturday fifty of us braved the chill of a Melbourne July evening to gather together in the FCJ Area Office.  We had just celebrated Mass and then had a delicious evening meal. The room was buzzing with life and energy as FCJs and Companions in Mission enjoyed reconnecting  or meeting for the first time. It was a true meeting of hearts and minds. What a joy! It is amazing to think that what connects us is the FCJ Charism. How lovely to know we belong to such a loving and vibrant extended family.

3 Responses to “UNITED IN THE CHARISM”

  1. Denise Mulcahy Says:

    You have summarised the evening so beautifully, Clare! We were really a microcosm of a world united in faith, love and companionship. Age, nationality, experience, were submerged in the oneness of this common bond.

  2. Ann Marie, fcJ Says:

    So lovely to read this, Clare. I have been praying for the group meeting there and am delighted that it was a blessed time for all of you. Thanks for sharing this special evening with all of us! Our gift of companionship is truly a blessing for all of us and for our CiMs world-wide.

    • clarefcj Says:

      Thanks Anne Marie! The meeting was truly wonderful. We are all now travelling home to our various places full of energy for mission!

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