Some days ago I needed to make a quick trip out of Indonesia in order to renew my visa and so decided to stay overnight in Singapore Airport. I used my time to good effect. I spent considerable time walking between the various terminals before choosing a good spot to settle down and sleep. My night was an interesting one. I was impressed by the level of friendliness I experienced among the good number of people who, like me, were spending the night on a comfy bit of floor. I was lucky…I was in a place where I was free and safe to sleep. I thought about those who sleep on the streets and who know what it is to be cold and afraid. I thought about those who cry themselves to sleep because of being separated from their loved ones or because tomorrow promises only suffering and pain. May we all do what we can so that no one has to sleep on the street or alone in detention centres or in dread of what tomorrow will bring.


  1. Maryrose fcJ Says:

    Dear Clare,
    Thank you, I could not agree more. Here in Melbourne.the second largest city In Australia and supposed to be” the most liveable city in the world”,, homelessness is becoming a huge problem,with young and old,,female and male,Australians by birth or,Immigration. asylum -seekers with a visa sleeping rough,on a blanket or a rug.
    Various organisations are doing the best they are able but government seem unable to solve this shameful situation. We help a little mainly through St Vincent de Paul Society or ‘Vinnies” as they are known in Australia.
    Maryrose fcJ

  2. Denise Mulcahy Says:

    Thank you dear Clare for your reflection. I heard in the last couple of weeks that the number of women sleeping on the streets in Melbourne has increased. This is a matter of grave concern, and the root causes, which are often multiple in number, need further investigation and long term alternative solutions

    Denise fcJ

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