I have kept all of you very much in my thoughts and prayer these days as we have spent time reflecting deeply on the death and resurrection of Jesus. The last few days have offered much time for thinking of those we love and care for. It has been my practice in recent years to pray, really pray, for all those who have ever been in my life in any way. I also pray as widely as I can for the ever growing needs of our world and indeed for the whole cosmos. I include in my prayer all those who have ever read this blog. I pray for you. Wishing you a happy Easter.


  1. Marie-Geneviève Renaud Says:

    Thank you Clare to keep us in your prayer. It is a precious gift. Thank you for your blog, thank you for your minister. and your generosity. Let us meet in God’s heart, it is the best place to be loved, listen to, and get energy. With love and prayer. Marie-Geneviève

  2. Ann Marie Says:

    Thanks and many Easter blessings to you also. Love and prayers Ann Marie FCJ

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