Some images in Holy Week


I have been struck in recent days by how personal and tactile the events leading to the Passion are. The single, personal relationships and interactions. The choices of each individual in their relationship with God.

Mary anoints the feet of Jesus. Jn 12

bethanyWhen I have prayed with this passage in the past I have often focused on the ointment or oil or on the ‘fragrance filling the house’. This year however, I came across this image of The Anointing at Bethany by Daniel F. Gerhartz. In it Mary is utterly focused on Jesus, and in particular on her loving action towards him. Who she is is given to Jesus fully in this moment of her life. All of her attention, all of her love. She confirms it by touch.

“It is the one to whom I give the piece of bread” Jn 13

judas1.jpgIn Tuesday’s Gospel we see Jesus acknowledging the coming betrayal by Judas and denial by Peter. These are not simply people in the crowd – they are his closest companions, the ones he judas

breaks bread with. Judas meets Jesus day after day, listens to Him, receives bread at the last supper… and yet somehow he has remained separate. He has not understood the purpose and values of Jesus, and pursues his own agenda. We don’t know his motivation, but we might recognise his action.

“What are you prepared to give me if I hand him over to you?” Mtt 26


Again today, Wednesday of Holy Week the Gospel focuses on the interaction between Jesus and Judas. the image I have chosen here is of the hand FULL of silver. Who knows the reality of this interaction, but if money changed hands it was done physically. Judas felt the short term gain, perhaps convincing himself too of a higher purpose.

In the ordinary concrete interactions of my life, how am I living out and expressing my relationship with Jesus?


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