It is a great privilege to be able to offer help in simple ways to those who need it. Recently we were able to give some financial assistance to a young woman who is going to Hong Kong to work. Her parents are dead and she is the sole supporter of her three young siblings. Even though it is sad that she has to leave home to find work she is determined to do this to ensure that her three sisters get a good education. Last week we gave some funding to a young man who couldn’t sit his final examinations because he couldn’t pay for them. This evening we opened our house for a prayer service for a man who died tragically several days ago. The bereaved family used to live in our Basic Ecclesial Community. We are blessed to have resources and to be given donations that can be used to help others.


  1. Maryrose fcJ Says:

    Dear Clare,
    Thank you. I would like to pass your reflection to the prefect for social justice at Genazzano. It is good to let the girls, who are very generous, know hopw some of the money they raise is spent.

  2. Marie-Geneviève Renaud Says:

    Thank you Clare for sharing your joys of helping people. around you. Please have a prayer for France. Actually once more people have been killed and an officer has taken the place of a mother of familly and he was killed instead of her. He was a brillant officer, a christian and our country is in admiration of such a gift! during <holy Week. United with you with love. Marie-Geneviève

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