At peace with myself


One of our neighbours suffers with chronic illness and from time to time calls round to have a coffee and a chat. Recently we were having a conversation about my ministry with young people, and as I explained some of what my work involves we began to talk about the challenge that many young people face in coming to a sense of their own self worth.

The conversation moved on to how and where we find meaning and purpose in our lives, and how many of us define ourselves by what we do. For my neighbour living with chronic illness, ‘doing’ and achieving are very limited. Their sense of purpose has to be rooted somehow in their own inherent value as a person.

This got me thinking about illness, infirmity, memory loss, old age… and the challenge of coming to a sense of inner worth which does not rely on any external. This isn’t a task for our old age but one that we must begin from early on… constantly challenging all that says ‘I am only worthy if I can be productive’.

Our faith tells us over and over again that we are loved, forgiven, chosen and called; that we don’t need to earn Gods love; and that we can never fall beyond it. The Spiritual Exercises invite us to rest in that realisation, letting our action and service be a response of love rather than a required sacrifice.


3 Responses to “At peace with myself”

  1. Ann Marie Says:

    Beautifully stated and so true! Thanks for sharing and reminding us of these important truths.

  2. Margaret Claver Says:

    Thanks Lynne for reminding us of this important truth .If people realized that they are loved for who they are ,not what they do, ,how different life might be. There is a delightful little book called Shhh..God id in the Silence, written for all ages. You’d like it.

  3. Denise Mulcahy Says:

    Thank you Lynne for sharing your insight with us! I wish I had read your text 10 years ago!

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