As We Are – praying the First Week of the Exercises


The Principle and Foundation begins the Exercises of St Ignatius, leading us to a deep understanding of who we are and what we are created for.

Then as we move through the First Week (and Week is a fairly loose term meaning something more akin to ‘period of time’ than actually 7 days!) we look at ourselves AS WE ARE – coming to recognise and accept ourselves as both sinful, flawed individuals and individuals who are personally loved by God.

The recognition that God loves me the way I am, rather than a false sense that God would love me if I were more perfect, holy, kind etc frees me. And this freedom leads me to gratitude and a desire to respond to the love I experience.

There is a little part of the Disney film Moana which reminds me of this transformation when we understand God’s loving acceptance and forgiveness. In this clip we see Moana confront Te Kā, the demon who has morphed from the goddess Te Fiti when Te Fiti’s heart was stolen. As Moana sees the truth beyond the external demon she is enabled to restore the heart of Te Fiti. CLICK the LINK to watch the clip



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