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New Year and a fresh opportunity

January 12, 2018

New-Years-Resolutions1So many of us begin the new year with great hopes and expectations. We set out with all sorts of plans to reform our lives, live justly, lose weight, have a balanced and healthy lifestyle, visit our friends, be kind to our neighbours etc etc etc

By mid-January we are exhausted and realise that it is going to be a bit more of an uphill struggle than we thought!

So are New Year’s Resolutions a waste of time? I don’t think so. I think that there is something wonderfully Ignatian about the idea of a new year’s resolution – they prompt us to get in touch with the person we desire to be (sometimes on a bit of a superficial level admittedly), they create a greater awareness of the way we really are, and they help us to realise that transformation isn’t easy and certainly can’t be done all on our own.

This new year lets stay with at least one of our resolutions, even if we fail and fail at it… let it teach us about the person we wish to be, and let it help us to act out of our best self. Let the failures be opportunities to turn to a greater reliance on God and let the successes bring us JOY!