Incarnate presence


The homily in our parish at Christmas began something like this:

“At Christmas we don’t celebrate the coming of God into the world…”

Needless to say many of the parishioners sat up and paid attention!

The homily continued by reminding us;

God was always in the world. God was always present and could be encountered in the world. (We know the story of the burning bush, or the pillar of fire and cloud, of the still small voice in the gentle breeze…). No, at Christmas we recognise our dignity as human beings, children of God. We recognise that Christ is completely present within the world, within our humanity.  This recognition of the incarnate, indwelling God invites us to change our perspective ‘on everything and everyone…. every moment has the capacity to reveal God to us.

God is to be found in all things. I like this little quote from Rumi which speaks to me of the mystery of Christmas.

The source of now  is here – Rumi

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