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Prayer as relationship

November 7, 2017

Relationships are tricky.

The deepest relationships are often the most challenging. They call us to encounter the other, and ourselves, at a level of openness and vulnerability that can be risky. But these deep relationships are also the ones which are most fulfilling, which lead us to a truer sense of ourself and lead us out of isolation and into a sense of connection.

Relationship with God is no different – it can be risky and challenging. When we encounter God in prayer we can do so on many different levels.

Speaking TO God, SAYING prayers, is often comforting and it can connect us with others as we pray for different people and situations. Often when we pray in this way we feel close to God because we sense the listening presence of God. When we have the courage to move into a greater MUTUALITY in the relationship, not only speaking but also LISTENING to God we are challenged to a greater openness.

Relationships thrive on mutuality and trust. So it is with our relationship with God… the more we are able to enter into a mode of attentive listening and real sharing of the reality of our lives – the pain or confusion we feel in the face of distress, the joy we experience when life is fulfilling and rich – the deeper we move into relationship. Empty asphalt road at idyllic foggy morning