Twice this week I have been deeply enriched by the sharing of others. Last Sunday we had our Monthly meeting for our Companions in Mission. In recent weeks we have been making a kind of ‘retreat in daily life’ using a booklet on the early experiences of Marie Madeleine “Remembering the Foundation Experience.” We began the meeting in small groups where we shared our experience in prayer during the past month. The sharing in my group moved me to tears – it was so beautiful. On Thursday I attended a group that meets each week to share on Scripture.  Yet again I was deeply touched by the depth of sharing. I am so grateful to have such groups in my life. I know for certain this week that I have been touched by grace…

One Response to “TOUCHED BY GRACE…”

  1. Beatrice Molyneux fcJ Says:

    Clare I am so glad you had these two experiences to share with us, thank you for that. I have just heard that Stevie Roe has been anointed and that Judith and Mary Rose will go to visit him tomorrow. I was told that it is very near the end of his life. Please pray for this dear 90 years old man and FCJ cousin. He is alone in Australia and all his brothers have pre-deceased him. May we accompany him on his last journey .”Stay with us Lord on our journey.” Bishop John Arnold of Salford.

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