We have had a lot of good experiences here in our village recently. About three weeks ago five of our community took part in a cooking competition to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day: Audrey, Cecilia, Inez, Maria and Sofi. They had to make something interesting with potatoes. They didn’t win but the fact that they took part delighted our neighbours. Shortly afterwards three of us joined with more than four hundred of the villagers as we took part in a walk that lasted about an hour: ‘Jalan Sehat.’ We donated some of the prizes for the party that followed the walk. Last Friday our neighbours celebrated Idul Adha one of the most important Muslim feasts. Like every other family that lives here we received a gift of meat. Being good neighbours, this is the best way we know to promote peace and understanding.


  1. Ann Marie Says:

    Interesting for sure. God bless you all and all your efforts for unity among all.

  2. Beatrice Molyneux fcJ Says:

    Great news Clare and Co. Well done.
    My interfaith news was with Dr. Leiberman when he told me at the surgery yesterday that his son has been appointed chief rabbi for Western Australia based in Perth. Rabbi Leiberman is presently in Liverpool as area Rabbi there. He cannot let it be known there that he supports Manchester United!! Another son of Dr. Leiberman is a physiotherapist. My new NHS dentist too is David Lewin who attends the synogogue on Singleton/Holden Road and lives in Park Road.
    Beatrice Molyneux fcJ

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