Walking the Camino


caminoOnce again a group of FCJ sisters and friends are setting off to walk part of the Camino de Santiago. We are just doing a few days of walking along the northern coast of Spain. We are hoping to take in some of the beauty of the area, the local culture, and of course, the spirit of the Camino.

We will then go by bus (so no Compostela for us this year!) to Santiago where we will offer a week of service with Camino Companions welcoming pilgrims into Santiago, giving space for them to reflect on their pilgrimage and providing a listening ear where needed.


6 Responses to “Walking the Camino”

  1. Joan Says:

    Well done. What a truly lvely way to finish also. You will be n my heart and prayer. Joan fcJ

  2. Denise Mulcahy Says:

    Thank you for this information. Could you please let us have the dates? I would like to be with you in spirit. Denise fcJ

    • Lynne fcJ Says:

      Hi Denise, we started yesterday and are just walking three days and then giving a week of service in Santiago. The grace we are praying for today is; an awareness of God’s loving presence with each one of us.

  3. Bourke Mary Says:

    I am currently walking the Camino and am thankful for such a wonderful experience.

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