Sixteen of us gathered in Baciro chapel for a prayer to bless Yustin as she takes up her role as local leader of Ende community. There were fifteen FCJs and one woman who is spending time getting to know us. The prayer included readings from the Constitutions as well as from scripture. Yustin received a candle which symbolized her spiritual leadership of the group.  She stood as we sang ‘May Yahweh bless you and keep you’. Lina and Tyas will also be in Ende for the coming year. As they both happened to be in Yogyakarta they were able to be present for the prayer and we gave them a blessing also. The prayer was followed by a delicious supper. There was even a delicious homemade cake for Tyas who had just celebrated her birthday.




  1. Denise Mulcahy Says:

    Thank you Clare for sharing this delightful occasion with us. Blessings on Yustin in her new role! Denise fcJ

  2. clarefcj Says:

    Thanks for your response Denise. As you said – it was indeed delightful. We enjoyed the prayer and then laughed our way through supper!

  3. Margaret Claver Says:

    Wonderful to hear about this significant celebration,Clare.
    Yustin, may you always be aware of Jesus walking beside you in your ministry of leadership through service.

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