Yesterday a group of FCJs and I had the good fortune to pay a visit to one of our FCJ schools in Australia. We had the great pleasure of being escorted around the school bya number of very friendly students. The school was bustling with life and energy. Everywhere we went we met bright young people who said a cheery “Good morning.” We were so inspired being present in the school for even a few hours. We were reminded of the amazing mission those who minister in schools have. Thanks to all those who minister in FCJ schools – in any capacity. Thanks to the students and their families. You are an inspiration to us!

2 Responses to “FCJ SCHOOLS – FULL OF LIFE!”

  1. Beatrice Molyneux Says:

    Having spent my working life in our schools I can only cheer when I read Clare’s blog. I go to vote at a local school St. Paul’s C.of E. just so that I can read the children’s work on the walls and see their art work. I’m about to move to a postal vote since the polling station is no longer at the school.
    My other thought, which I have long been aware of, is the enormous sacrifice made by sisters like Clare and Lynne, dedicated teachers who have accepted the call to formation of our future fcJs. Thank you both for that.

  2. Sr. Ann Marie,fcJ Says:

    Thanks, Clare for highlighting this important ministry –so dear to my heart!! I second your prayer for all involved in Catholic School Ministry.

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