Rice and Beans



This year I am trying the TearFund Mean Bean Challenge.

It is a simple idea – eat only rice and beans for a week. As much rice and beans as you want. But ONLY rice and beans (oh and porridge for breakfast!) In our community we had decided to do a rice and bean night once per week, but having tried that for two weeks and read some reflections from others who took up the challenge we have decided to give it a go!

Of course for much of the world it would not seem unusual – many people live every day with an impoverished diet – but for us, surrounded by variety and choice, unused to hunger, it will be difficult!

I will write some updates as I go along, so watch this space!

We are planning to make it a time to:

FAST – obviously, although it’s more about abstaining really

PREPARE – we will be reflecting on the experience, how it affects us and hopefully growing in gratitude for all that we have.

PRAY – for generosity and compassion towards those who live with less

GIVE – the money we save will go to charity



2 Responses to “Rice and Beans”

  1. Margaret Claver Says:

    Bravo to your community; you are a fine example to all of us, Lynne.
    One of my companions in our workplace did a week of rice and beans last year, which inspired us all. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, as well. Blessings on you all.

  2. Lynne fcJ Says:

    I didn’t write any updates after all – mainly because it was fairly uneventful! I didn’t find it as difficult as i expected – partly I guess because I was doing it with someone else so I didn’t have to just motivate myself! The joy of community!
    I did notice the richness that variety brings – and certainly I had a real appreciation for the different flavours when I got back to eating normally yesterday!

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