Forty Things in Forty Days


Several days ago I read a blog written by one of my friends in which she expressed her hope that this Lent she and her family would declutter in a big way. She was hoping to fill one bag with things to give away each day in Lent! Forty bags in forty days. I liked the spirit of the idea – that I could try and reduce my possessions at the rate of one a day. To my amazement two days ago my niece shared a post from the Salvation Army on Facebook in which they suggested that very thing  – fill a bag with forty things that can be given to others. Both the Salvation Army and the St Vincent de Paul are willing to accept and distribute the donations. That’s one of my challenges this Lent. I want to try and go a step further and as well as let go of forty things I am also going to try and let go of something unhelpful each day – like a negative attitude or an angry thought or a selfish impulse…All of a sudden I feel as if this Lent is going to be something of an adventure. I hope you have an adventurous Lent too!

One Response to “Forty Things in Forty Days”

  1. Maria Vittoria Says:

    Oh. yes, ‘to declutter’! I was not familiar with the word until a few months ago when I left my job and I was invited to ‘declutter’. It was not part of my vocabulary before and I had to look it up on the dictionary. So, I have been working at it not always successfully. Now in Lent, I will surely make another big effort to try and let go, especially some of my books and other items which I don’t consider rubbish at all but which may be useful to other people. Thank you Clare for reminding us. A very happy journey in Lent. Maria Vittoria

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