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Finding an Oasis

February 28, 2017

Recently I was directing a retreat for young adults in Malta. We stayed at a retreat centre called Dar il-Ħanin Samaritan . The Centre is in Santa Venera in a built up area surrounded by industry, and when we first arrived I wondered where people would find space and silence in this urban landscape!

Entering in to the retreat house was quite something! Large walls, not visible from the outside, drop the Retreat Centre down two storeys into a sheltered and secluded space unlike any other retreat space I have visited. We were met by brightly coloured concrete and natural stone, by water features and prayer spaces.

Over the next few days I came to realise that this easily accessible place was an oasis of calm in the midst of urban life. The unusual and dramatic architecture highlighted the urban reality whilst enabling solitude and peace.



February 22, 2017

I recently had the great good fortune to visit our FCJ sisters in Australia and a group of RSCJ sisters in New Zealand.  I saw some amazing scenes of natural beauty and enjoyed the warmth of summer.  But by far the most impressive and touching part of the whole experience was the welcome and the hospitality I received in each community.  I enjoyed great companionship and hour upon hour of deep conversation.  What a sheer gift!


February 6, 2017

One of our sisters died on Saturday 4th February. She was 93 years old and had been an FCJ for more than 70 years. She was still active and her death was sudden and unexpected despite her great age. The Gospel for Sunday that week was taken from Matthew 5: 13-16. “You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.” How well it captures the life of this solid, well grounded and totally dedicated woman who was well able to laugh at life and herself. Even though we now gaze at God from different angles I hope she continues to be our companion, friend and inspiration as we continue the mission God has given us…

Compassionate Solidarity

February 1, 2017

The news this week has been so breathtakingly shocking that it is hard to know how towe-are-people begin to express anything about it that makes sense.

This video clip really moved me it is worth taking the time to watch it and to wonder:

How am I called to stand in compassionate solidarity with people?

What does my faith dictate?”