To help with my prayer I am currently using a book called ‘Christ in a grain of sand’by Neil Vaney SM. Vaney describes this as ‘An Ecological Journey With The Spiritual Exercises.’One question that has challenged me is the following “With what sort of eyes do I view the world around me: as pragmatist, farmer, scientist, poet?” (Vaney, p 40) I realise that I am too much of a pragmatist for my own liking. I am hoping that little by little I can learn to view the world more as a poet and less as a pragmatist…


  1. joigny1 Says:

    Wish I had known you were reading this book, when we met today, Clare. Really lovely to have spent time with you. Safe travels back home and come back to NZ soon. X

    • clarefcj Says:

      I am loving reading it.But realise this will take me a long time to absorb…It was so good to meet you and discover your beautiful Soul Haven…So true to its name…

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