What are we waiting for?


Christ Light – Ministry of the Arts

Advent is a time of waiting.

When I was in Catholic primary and secondary school I learned that it was a time of waiting for the birth of Jesus. I accepted that with great trust and simplicity as did (and do) probably 99% of all the Catholic primary school children. I was an angel in the school nativity. (It would have been nice to be Mary but she needed to sing!). In fact it was only much later when I became an adult that I began to think about this; of course we weren’t really waiting for the birth of Jesus – that was a historical event – so were we remembering it? Was that what Christmas was all about? Or were we becoming it? God is incarnate, Christ has come, God can be found in all things. We are waiting to wake up to that incarnate presence within our lives!

Today I found a lovely post on facebook – ’99 reasons why 2016 was a good year’. I began to read it with some scepticism, and slowly I began to feel more joy. So much good has happened – so many positive steps – underneath all the trouble and turmoil Hope is growing.

We are still waiting for the coming of a child – a delicate, fragile hope.

We are waiting to recognise the Incarnate One already present with us.

We are waiting for God.







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