Yesterday we celebrated the feast of St Stanislaus. Like the Jesuits we FCJs celebrate this day as a special feast for novices. We have two novitiate groups at this point in time: one in London and the other in Ende, Indonesia (this group is usually in Yogyakarta). Here in Ende we had a lovely celebration. One of the highlights of the day was reading the special letter from the General Superior to the novices. In the evening we had prayer followed by a delicious meal. Lina and Audrey received cards and greetings from FCJs around the world. As I reflected on the day during my Examen it struck me that St Stanislaus is actually a feast for everyone regardless of age or state in life. To me St Stanislaus represents the beauty of ‘newness’ and I believe that there is a newness in each person every day. Last night I prayed in thanksgiving for the beauty of newness in all of us. Happy feast of St Stanislaus to one and all…


  1. Beatrice Molyneux Says:

    Dear Clare and Rita, Els.Lina,Teresa and Audrey, What a lovely account of Your special feast day. The newness of life is really uplifting and encourages me here in Kersal Hill, after the end of natural life of a number our senior sisters recently. Of course their newness of life being the vision of Jesus their life long Companion.
    As we gaze on the super moon tonight let us pray for one another. We are United in the communion of Saints.

  2. Joan Cartlidge Says:

    Thank you Clare for your lovely contribution to the great feast of St.Stanislaus. We prayed for all our people in various stages of formation in religious life. You were all remembered! Joan fcJ

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