The way prayer works


I pray every morning. I love that time when the house is quiet and everything is still.

sunriseThis morning whilst I was praying three amazing and totally everyday things happened:

  • I felt Jesus was completely present to me. (And yet I was just in my room and rationally could say I was completely alone.)
  • I looked up and saw the most amazing sunrise and knew it was for me. (But of course the sun rises for everyone, every morning.)
  • I thought about someone and prayed for them. Someone who doesn’t usually come to my mind and who lives in another country.

Then later I went to Mass. Its a Mass I can’t usually get to because I am normally working at that time.

The person I prayed for was there – just visiting the area. He was so happy to see me and to know I had been praying for him.

I don’t know, but it seems to me that its just the way prayer works.

The miracles are hidden in the most ordinary things.

3 Responses to “The way prayer works”

  1. Mary Campion fcJ Says:

    Remember the Archbishop of Canterbury – When I stop praying coincidences stop happening – a wonderful example!

  2. Beatrice Molyneux Says:

    Lynne Thank you for sharing. How wonderful. I must open my curtains first thing. Many thanks. I saw a large rainbow over Bury when driving to the ulcer clinic. Beatrice fcJ

  3. Maryrose fcJ Says:

    Dear ,Lynne,
    I’m four days out of my retreat and hoping to keep the experience alive. Your words helped me.

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