MAGIS and World Youth Day


This summer we traveled to Poland with MAGIS – the Ignatian pilgrimage to World Youth Day. It was a wonderful experience of companionship, faith and joy!

The MAGIS programme, organised by the Jesuits in Poland, brought together more than 2000 young people from across the world. We met in Łódź for a couple of days of orientation, prayer and celebration before being divided into international groups and sent to 98 different places across central Europe to take part in social, cultural and pilgrimage experiences or ‘experiments’. You can see photos of all the different experiments here: MAGIS Photos

My experiment was called Living Stones and took place in Prague where a group of young people from Korea, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Czech Republic volunteered as tour guides in a Church – telling the Christian story through the architecture of the church.

Before moving to World Youth Day we met again with the MAGIS pilgrims from all the experiments to share some of the stories from our international groups. It was very beautiful to come back together and hear how new friendships had been formed, challenges overcome and fun shared! We had a day of pilgrimage to the shrine at Jasna Gora before taking a (very packed) train to Krakow.

Estimates of between 2 and 3 Million young people gathered in Krakow for the World Youth Days, celebrating their faith together in prayer and festival. The Masses and prayer experiences with Pope Francis were an amazing sign of the unity and diversity of the young Church. VIDEO

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