The month of July was tinged with sadness, like so many months of recent times. We mourn again the tragic loss of life through senseless violence. Yet the gathering of several million young people in Poland for World Youth Day was a powerful witness to sheer goodness and joy. Now we have the Olympics and rejoice at the beauty of sport, played well and in a spirit of cooperation. At the same time many people continue to strive for peace, to find a home for migrants, to support those in many kinds of need. Our world is indeed tinged by sadness and yet more so by goodness. May we continue to contribute to the spread of love and goodness…


  1. Beatrice Molyneux Says:

    Just home from the Salford Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes where once again the young Volunteers of the Salford Diocese made it possible by their generosity for many sick and elderly people to attend this annual event. Some are in College, some awaiting their Grades for University places. Others are in Uni. One lad who has pushed my wheel chair several times over the years has just graduated with 1st Class Honours, others are young teachers who have brought students with them. The children and family group have a lovely time. We had a six week old baby boy this year and a seven month old who had her tiny foot washed by the bishop when her Dad was having his foot washed. Four of our strong lads carried the statue of Our Lady during part of the torch light procession.
    In this Jubilee of Mercy may all God’s people and especially our young move forward in ways of peace, justice and love.

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