In recent weeks I have read or heard in the news of a disturbing number of cases of murder carried out by young people. In some instances there were extreme levels of gratuitous violence. Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon. Recent years have been marked by many incidents in which young people have been caught up in situations which have ended with the loss of life.  How deeply tragic this is. It often strikes me that in most cases they are not yet able to anticipate or appreciate the consequences of their actions. They themselves have barely shed the soft down of childhood. So many lives have been lost, so many young people are living yet “lost” and so many families have been shattered because of what has happened to or been done by one of their children.  What can we do as people of faith? What can I do? Be present to young people and believe in their intrinsic goodness. Listen to them, accept them, love them and pray for them. We are all responsible for what happens in society.  May we all work together, pray together and strive together for a future which restores childhood to children and the wonder of growing up to young people.


  1. Maryrose fcJ Says:

    Dear Clare,
    Thank you for your reflection. It rang very true for me, as this last week we have been grieving the death of a young man, who only left a Catholic school in Melbourne last year and was king hit after a game of football, whilst try to protect a friend. Patrick late died in hospital.
    I join with you in all your suggestions for us to help stop these tragedies.
    Maryrose fcJ

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