Some days ago I was busy cleaning bathrooms in our house. I was going at a great pace till I discovered that one of the drain covers was broken. The top of the cover is usually fixed to the cover itself by a simple screw which holds it nicely in place. This clever device keeps all manner of creeping and crawling creatures from finding their way into our house here in Yogyakarta. Of course – we had every size of screw but the one I needed to fix the drain! After an hour and a half of trying to fix the drain cover with a screw that was too big I decided on the use of a bit of brute force. As I attempted to hammer the screw into place the screwdriver slipped off the screw and into my thumb!  I cleaned up my thumb and the blood and decided I had better get on with the rest of my tasks (with somewhat less enthusiasm than in the beginning). About half an hour later it dawned on me  to use a nut and bolt. I laughed at myself as I popped the newly fixed drain cover back into place. Brute force is never a match for gentleness is it?


  1. Joan Cartlidge Says:

    Good lesson for life dear Clare! How is the thumb? In sympathy Joan

  2. Beatrice Molyneux Says:

    Clare I’m so sorry about your thumb. You poor thing. Glad the end of the story was not that the your wild life had discovered good English Blood. In Ireland we say “Mind yourself” instead of ” take care.” Love Beatrice

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