I couldn’t help but feel hopeful as the New Year dawned. “Surely,” I said to myself, “this year we can work together to make things better…” The recent World Summit on Climate Change in Paris was such a sign of hope for me. These days I pray constantly for peace with justice for all. I pray that we might all be people of peace, of gentleness, of compassion, of love…Right now the news of the terrible attacks on hundreds of women is sending shock waves throughout and beyond Europe. I know I cannot give in to the temptation to let go of hope. We need it more than ever now. I am thinking of those recent words of Pope Francis – God will have the last word and the last word is love (my version). We have to live as if that is true. I am praying that we can do this and do it together…

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2 Responses to “WE NEED TO HOLD ON – TO HOPE…”

  1. Marie-Geneviève Renaud Says:

    Thank you Clare to remind us that hope is part of our life in spite of barbaric attacks of all sorts. Our God is stronger than any terrorist. Courage et Confiance surtout grande confiance en Dieu. Love is stronger than death..Much love to you. Marie-Geneviève Renaud fcJ

  2. Joan O'Keeffe Says:

    How wonderful to receive your uplifting thoughts. Our eyes are ever on Him, we are so blest.

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