Here in community we are fortunate to receive a number of gifts from some of our local parishioners and other close friends.  This year we have been blessed with delicious cakes (some of them rather big!), a variety of tasty snacks, a gorgeous basket of fruit and enough home cooked food to provide us with a succulent meal.  We are thankful for all of these lovely gifts and for the kindness of those who think about us.  For me of all those gifts  the most touching was a bag of fruit given to us on Christmas Eve. There were two reasons it really touched me: firstly, the family who gave it is a Muslim family and secondly, they are by far the poorest family in our village.  We help this family by sponsoring the education of two of their children.  In terms of their earnings that bag of fruit was a gift of enormous value. Each time I look at that fruit I am so deeply grateful and I am reminded of what really matters at Christmas: peace of earth and love between all peoples.


  1. Joan Cartlidge Says:

    Dear Clare, this is a great observation and truly it is in the giving that we receive. Blessings to you and each one as you continue to celebrate the full peace and joy of this bountiful season. Love to you and each one. It has been an extremely hot Melbourne with bush fires and some 53 houses burnt to the ground. Joan fcJ

  2. Helen-Mary Langlands Says:

    What a wonderful action of the Muslim family, Claire.

    One year I went around to many shopping centres and suggested to Centre Management that the main feasts of all the Religions be celebrated. It was accepted as a great idea at all of them.

    Last year our local supermarket celebrated one of the Muslim feasts!!

    The fires have now razed 116 homes but there is no loss of life, thank God.

    Love and God bless

    Helen-Mary fcJ

  3. Margaret Claver Says:

    Selamat Natal Clare kepada semua di sana.
    Thankyou for sharing this heartfelt story with us. Those we deem the poor are so rich in generosity of spirit. They have much to teach us. Margaret Claver

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