My Soul Longs for Mercy


I came across an advent reflection on YouTube the other day which uses a song called ‘Kyrie – I Call to You’ (from the CD, Standing Still by Jeff Johnson)

When my eyes cannot see,

and my heart cannot feel,

when my soul longs for mercy, 

I call to you.

I loved the line that says ‘my soul longs for mercy’. What might that mean? To me it speaks of refreshment – my soul longing to be refreshed by mercy.

We each have areas of life in which we need the mercy of others and the mercy of God, but perhaps one of the ways in which our soul is refreshed is when, having known that mercy extended to us, we can in turn show mercy to others; letting go of past wrongs, forgiving, including… there are many ways to show mercy.

3 Responses to “My Soul Longs for Mercy”

  1. Margaret Moore Says:

    This is a beautiful reflection and U Tube Lynne. Thank you! Christmas blessings,
    Margaret (Moore) rsm

  2. Maryrose Dennehy Says:

    Thank you, Lynne for the beautiful reflection and short video. Thank you also for your many postings over the year.
    Blessings for Christmas and the New Year.

  3. Kate Frost fcJ Says:

    Thank you Lynn, I love the blog verse. Christmas blessings on you !

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