Community for Mission


The community in New Cross, London, is one of our newest communities (we are almost three years old now!). There are currently five of us in community together: three professed sisters and two women who are living a community experience whilst they discern their vocation. 1_waller

We are an international group- from England, Italy and Indonesia – and we are all involved in different ministries. Community life supports us in our different ministries and provides a space in which individually and as a group we can really seek God’s action and presence in our lives.

Typically we have prayer together in the morning and then all go to our different places of work and ministry. Although there are some things that we are all involved in (a local soup run for example), there are many days when our ministries are different. Then in the evening we usually meet together for a meal and for prayer. This coming together, sharing on the day, and reflecting and praying together at the end of the day are often powerful moments of connection and support, where each of us finds a place in which her living out of her vocation is integrated into the group and becomes part of a much wider mission.

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One Response to “Community for Mission”

  1. Beatrice Molyneux fcJ Says:

    Thank you Lynne for sharing your FCJ Community life and Mission.
    It is so encouraging for me to read and pray with and for you all as you go about your Mission. In close union, Beatrice

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