I found myself chuckling away to myself during my prayer yesterday.  The Gospel of the day suddenly struck me as so funny!  It was the Parable of the Wedding Feast: Mt 22:1-14.  I know I could have read it on a more serious note and heeded the dire consequences awaiting those who refuse the invitation to attend the feast – but it suddenly struck me as a very “unfestive” feast!  It was more like a big screen drama with all the murder, revenge and gnashing of teeth!  Meanwhile…we’re meant to be having a party!  It seemed I just had a good old laugh yesterday!  Actually, there is something I always love about that parable – it’s verse 10: “So these servants went out onto the roads and collected together everyone they could find, bad and good alike; and the wedding hall was filled with guests.”  It always gives me great comfort to know that both bad and good attend the feast and the bad are named first.  There must be room for me in that case…I’ll see you there…


  1. marguerago Says:

    Dear Clare,

    Thank you for the lastest blog and for all the others! When I read the Gospel of the wedding feast this time I wondered what Mathew was really trying to say and how the king´s son must have felt at the wedding feast…it is really quite gruesome! Though I come late to celebrate your feast day–I remembered you with much love on Clare´s day!

    We are always thinking of you and the young people whom you accompany and thanking God for the novices, for those who have made theri vows and for those who are coming along.

    We do have a few young women who are seriously thinking of joining us. Please God we can enable them to find theer place in the scheme of things.

    I send you a big (virtual) hug.

    May you be truly blessed, Clare! Marguerite G

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