Manna and moaning


gathering-of-mannaThese days the readings are telling the story of God bringing the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. In today’s reading there is a lovely piece from Moses who is having to cope with all the moaning and complaints of the people (who seem to have forgotten the wondrous miracle of the manna that saved them and are busily moaning and wanting more – in the form of meat and fresh veggies now!). Moses turns to God and states ‘I cant carry all these people  by myself alone’. (Numbers 11:14) 

Years later of course, the Israelites will look back to the provision of manna and remember how God saved them in the desert, but whilst they are in the thick of the suffering they can only see the next step, they cant see it in context.

It is a good lesson to absorb. How often am I like the moaning Israelites, wanting things to be better than they are? Forgetting the blessings in the face of what is not perfect?

Can I focus today on the Manna, rather than on the moaning?

2 Responses to “Manna and moaning”

  1. marycampion Says:

    But I love the notion that God heard the moans!

  2. Sr. Ann Marie Says:

    Great reflection, Lynne, and it fits in with a wonderful homily we had this morning….. our call to gratitude and love!
    I’m with Campion in enjoying Moses’ honest response to God and God’s response to Moses!

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