FCJ PIlgrimage


Over the last ten days a number of FCJ sisters gathered in France to take part in a pilgrimage together. Together we visited some of the places which were important in Marie Madeleine’s life journey, as well as having time to pray and reflect on how our own life journey has been influenced and shaped by the people, places and experiences we have encountered along the way.

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3 Responses to “FCJ PIlgrimage”

  1. Joan Cartlidge Says:

    Thank you so very much Lynne for enabling us to share some of the scenes from the pilgrimage. We have been praying very much for you all you have shared and now just live on all that you have experienced. With love and thanks Joan fcJ

  2. Renaud Marie-Geneviève Says:

    Thank you to share quickly what strike you from the pilgrimage. You have touched holiness. May the souvenir of it enlight your days, your apostolic work and your joys and may your prayer be ever touched with deepening love.. Let us often meet in Jesus heart. That is where is the heart of our Society. Marie-Geneviève fcJ

  3. Sr. Ann Marie Says:

    Thanks, Lynne for sharing the Pilgrimage with us in this way. We have been with you in prayer as you journeyed together. May the memories of it continue to fill you with deep joy.
    Blessings, Ann Marie,fcJ

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