People rose early on the day of the vows and departed for the church at various times according to their duties that day. Fr Gilbert, the celebrant, came early to the church and spent time greeting the guests. The atmosphere was live with expectancy. Fr Gilbert has known Rowena since she was a youth in his parish and his homily was personal and reflective. He also expressed his deep gratitude for the presence of the FCJs in the Philippines. He has known the FCJs since Margaret Sheehan and Veronika Schreiner lived in Naga. Rowena pronounced her vows with great conviction. Only at the vote of thanks did she shed a few tears. Judith received the vows and Paola and Clare were witnesses. We walked from the church to a nearby restaurant for a delicious lunch which of course included roast pig! Later the same day we gathered in Scout Borromeo for Rowena’s missioning. Rowena was missioned to live in Scout Borromeo, to engage in vocation promotion, to undertake part time study and to find ways of being of service to the poor. Thank God for several beautiful days and for Rowena’s vows.


  1. Sr. Ann Marie Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the wonderful day with us all. United with you in thought and prayer. Blessings on all, especially Rowena!

  2. Joan Cartlidge Says:

    What a wonderful chance to witness to what you were professing to be: “A Faithful Companion of Jesus.” I was and am praying for you Rowena. You share in all I am and do. I hope to meet up with you some day soon, I hope. Enjoy the visits of Margaret, Francis and Maryrose. Much love and the support of my prayers go with you.
    United in companiondhip,, Joan fcJ

  3. Renaud Marie-Geneviève Says:

    Lovely! and thank you! “En todo amar y servir” said St Ignatius, En tout, Aimer et Servir! It is a challenge all day life.. When difficulties come, O.V.M. would say;”Cheer up, Heaven is at the end”.
    United in prayer and love. Marie-Geneviève fcJ.

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