A Great Read!

Jesus – A Pilgrimage by James Martin, SJ
I am reading an absolutely brilliant book on Jesus these days and I couldn’t resist letting you know about it!  For all of us who love Jesus and are interested in knowing more about him I recommend this lovely read! It is good that the word ‘Pilgrimage’ is included in the title – as that is what it really is for me – a pilgrimage into Jesus through the reflections and words of James Martin.  Enough said by me – read James Martin’s own words: “…I would like to invite you to meet the Jesus you already may know, but in a new way.  Or, if you don’t know much about Jesus, I would like to introduce him to you.  Overall, I would like to introduce you to the Jesus I know, and love, the person at the center of my life.”

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One Response to “A Great Read!”

  1. Joan Cartlidge Says:

    Thank you Clare. It is always good to have a helpful book recommended, I look forward to ruminating on this!! Josan fcJ

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