Holy Thursday – To be a Faithful Companion of Jesus


Jesus-washing-feet-12Holy Thursday gives us a wonderful insight into the meaning and source of our companionship. Jesus kneels to wash the feet of his disciples. A tremendous act of service, love and acceptance. And he speaks clearly to each of us – ‘as I have done, so must you…’. To be a companion – to break bread – is to serve each other. It is to remain faithful, present, even in the face of suffering, betrayal and apparent failure. It is to remain hopeful. Jesus action of washing the feet of his disciples sets the tone for all that is to come in his Passion, death and resurrection.

What might it mean for me to ‘wash the feet’ of the people around me? Where am I called to compassion, service, generosity? Feet aren’t always pleasant and perhaps there are people I find it difficult to accept or serve!

It was on Holy Thursday 1820 that our Society was founded. Marie Madeleine understood that she was called to be with Jesus  to say Yes to the invitation to companionship with Him with all that that entailed. She recognised the call to service and the challenge as well as the joy that was inherent in it.

195 years later, we are called to live that same invitation – to be a sign of hope, of love and fidelity in our day-to-day lives.

2 Responses to “Holy Thursday – To be a Faithful Companion of Jesus”

  1. Sr. Ann Marie Says:

    Thanks, Lynne for this beautiful reflection on this very special day! Many Blessings, Ann Marie, fcJ

  2. helenmaryfcj Says:

    Thank you Lynne for your reflection. You have put a slightly different to what this means. One year, when doing a spiritual course, I had the privilege of washing the feet of another. It was truly a humbling experience which went to the core of my being.

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