Last week it was so sad to learn of the loss of the Germanwings plane – all those lives so suddenly taken away. Whatever the reason the plane was lost – it is a tragedy for all concerned and for all of us who desire a better world for all. It was deeply sobering to be reminded of the fragility of life and of human beings. I began to ask myself if I could still have faith in the goodness of life. The door bell rang and I opened it to a young couple. I invited them in to sit and talk. They smiled and replied “We don’t need long sister. We have done well at work recently and have earned more than we need and we would like to make a small donation to you. We know you will use it well.” They handed over an envelope and thanked me and left. I was suddenly reminded that there is so much goodness in the world. I am grateful to God for this reminder that God is truly with us and that love and kindness will bring the transformation we long for.

2 Responses to “SIGNS OF HOPE…”

  1. Sr. Ann Marie Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Clare. Wonderful! There are so many people doing good in so many ways!

  2. Tbabie Says:

    Reblogged this on tylifeasamovie and commented:
    It hasn’t gone unnoticed that in the last 24 months the number of airplane catastrophe has been significant, with the aviation authority quick to reminds us that flying is still the safest mode of transportation. Our guts feeling begs to differ but our fears isn’t irrational, after all we are only human.
    We only hope that for every evil lurking in the shadows there is enough good to vanquish it.
    Our role this lent is to be the light were there is none.
    Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of those who tragically lost their lives and also the family of pilot Andre lubitz. They will never understand why such a carefree young man who only needed to ask, cost 149 ppl their lives.
    I can assure you, no parents raises a child to commit such heinous act, while we all are perplexed his family is tortured. We should reframed from judging and continue to pray for every live that has been lost.
    Eternal Rest Grant unto then oh lord, and let your perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

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